Birding Eastern Washington

I spent two days this last week birding in North Eastern Washington, mostly in Okanogan county and finally got the sunshine, in spades, I’ve been craving. I’d forgotten how unforgiving shadows can be with that intense of light, but when everything lines up you can also get some great shots. (Now, if things would just line up occasionally.)

Unfortunately, the birding was better than the photography, but I suspect you always get the best photographs in areas you’re familiar with, places where you learn exactly where to be to get the best light and where and when to find species you want to photograph.

Still, it’s nice to get another picture of a Western Kingbird,

Western Kingbird

that I’ve seen in several of my visits to Eastern Washington and Colorado but never see locally.

I’m sure this my first ever shot of an Eastern Kingbird.

Eastern Kingbird

I’ve gotten closer shots of a Red-Naped Sapsucker, but always in the shade,

Red-Naped Sapsucker

so its hard to say which photograph is better.

Of course, we also ran into birds that we see here quite often, like this Cedar Waxwing,

Cedar Waxwing

which I probably wouldn’t have included if it hadn’t been for the natty hairdo.

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