Lael Photographs

Although sorting digital photographs is literally a pain in the rear end, doing so brings back a lot of good memories. Like most old folks, I have favorite stories I repeat incessantly, and one of them is based on this shot. Lael was just a few weeks old when I watched her the first time. I laid her on the floor to change her diaper and when I went to throw the diaper out Skye brought his Kong over and dropped it next to her, waiting patiently for her to throw it. If I hadn’t thrown it for him, he might still be waiting for her to throw it.

Skye and Lael

Nowadays one of the high points of our week is when Gavin and Lael come to spend the night; it’s one of the few times Skye will actually push the screen door open to greet her, usually with his ball in his mouth.

Being the family “baby” and the only girl, Lael often enjoys being the center of attention,

Lael with Father and Brother

and who wouldn’t?

Though she enjoys being the baby, I thing she enjoys mothering babies even more, though I’m not sure big brother Kel knew quite what to think when she wanted to cuddle up with his little sister Mira.

Kel, Lael, and Mira

Loving to cuddle and being cuddled is fine, but I’m still glad she seems to have a little of Grandpa’s temper when crossed,

Lael's Not Happy

though I’m pretty sure she gets her desire to be the center of attention more from her mother than from me.

Upstaging Mom

After all, I’ve always preferred being behind the camera to being in front of it.

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  1. It’s good to see the photos of Lael!

    The photo of Skye after he dropped his Kong for Lael to throw is delightful (-:

  2. Dad — can you send me the files of these photos? I copied the post and put it into a Word document, but the photos didn’t transfer. (I wanted to save it for Lael…. so she’ll know what her Patah made of her at age 6.)

    Your Attention Hound Daughter 🙂

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