Rose Garden

Our predicted sunshine didn’t shown up this week. No surprise there as June continues May’s continuous rainfall. Still the sun did manage to break through the clouds for a short time Monday and, sparked by Kerdelune’s beautiful roses, I headed to the Pt. Defiance Rose Garden to see what was happening since my last visit.

There were certainly lots of roses blooming, but those that had been open for awhile looked “weathered” while several plants seemed to be suffering from various forms of mildew. You didn’t have to look too hard, though, for a rose that takes your breath away:


Nor did you have to listen too hard to hear White-Crowned Sparrows herald the sunshine, no matter how fleeting,

White Crowned Sparrow Singing

while a nearby white-robed choir seemed to drink in the song and sunshine.

Calla Lily

The real highlight of the day for me, though, was the Iris that several weeks ago looked even more bedraggled than today’s roses. Apparently the cool weather has served them well, at least judging from this royal beauty:

Purple and Gold Iris

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