Some Favorites Show Up

I’m never disappointed when I walk Theler Wetlands because I know I’m going to find beauty no matter when I go. Generally I can count on seeing a fairly wide variety of birds, but even if birding is slow I can count on the native plants, particularly the wild roses, or the garden maintained by the Master Gardeners.

Still, it’s a particular treat when I see favorites, like this striking Cedar Waxwing,

Cedar Waxwing

or this Wild Iris which fights its way through the thickest vegetation once a year,

Wild Iris

or, when I’m really lucky and get a shot of the Green Heron,

Green Heron

which is the reason I originally started walking Theler. I never did see one the first year I went there. The second year I got some good shots of an immature green heron, which lacks the red neck seen on this Green Heron. I’ve been saying for years that the ditch that lies just inside the dike trail looks like the perfect habitat for Green Herons, but I’ve never seen a heron, even a more common Great Blue Heron, in the ditch before Sunday’s walk.

One thought on “Some Favorites Show Up”

  1. Glad to see you finally got that Green Heron shot. I wish I’d been there to see it up close, but the photo is a great substitute. If I’m reading the map in my bird book correctly (the colored map is minute) Vermont is in their breeding range. I guess I’ll ask around.

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