A Few Favorites

My favorite shots from Wenas are shots of birds I’ve already managed to get pictures of and post here before. Somehow, though, that doesn’t make this shot of a Goldfinch seem any less beautiful to me.

male Goldfinch

Though I wish I could’ve gotten a shot of this Bullock Oriole closer to the ground, the beauty of the bird itself seems able to carry the photo,

male Bullock's Oriole

at least until I can capture a better shot in the future.

Without a doubt, though, my favorite shots were of the Western Tanagers, a bird I actually saw in two different places on my final day there. I got so many “good” shots that I simply couldn’t decide which shot I liked best, so I decided to show this one,

Western Tananger

and this one.

Western Tananger

Of course, if I could include larger pictures on my site, I wouldn’t have cropped the pictures so tightly because the setting itself adds to the beauty of the original shots.

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