Saturday Birding

As I mentioned yesterday, I did manage to get some decent bird shots this weekend even thought the sunny weather and the huge number of people taking advantage of it, made birding sparse in some of my favorite haunts.

I started Saturday by spotting a large flock of birds near shore on the drive to Port Orchard. Even at 50 mph I knew that I had never seen these birds before, so I pulled a u-turn and pulled onto the shoulder and spent the next half hour watching a flock of White-Winged Scoters diving for what appeared to be clams.

White-Winged Scoter

Originally I thought I’d never seen this species before, by it turns out I had seen a single one mixed in with other scoters at Ocean Shores last year. Still, I was excited to watch a whole flock.

I also got a chance to observe a flock of Widgeons close to shore, too. In the past, I’d only seen them floating safely in the middle of the bay in Port Orchard. Today, though, there were hundreds on shore feasting on seaweed.

Widgeons Feeding on Seaweed

The highlight of the day, though, came later when I observed a Belted Kingfisher, or, more likely, two different Kingfishers hanging around different dock areas, waiting for me to leave so it could get back to fishing undisturbed.

Belted Kingfisher on Pole

3 thoughts on “Saturday Birding”

  1. i love birds and your pictures capture their brilliant and vivid colors…I love gardening-so, the crocus provided some much needed spring color to my day…keep up the excellent work and tell your wife I said hello and howdy to you as well

  2. Loren told me you had left a comment, Brenda. Glad you found the site and are enjoying it!

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