Weekend Sunshine

This weekend’s sunshine dragged me away from my computer long enough to get some photos, and today’s cold temperatures forced me inside again so I was able to post them today. I also got a few bird pictures I liked, but strangely enough the highlight of the weekend for me was the flowers.

Though these croci in downtown Port Orchard were beginning to show signs of nearing the end of their blossoming season, it was impossible to ignore the brilliantly lit whites and purples.

Saturday's Croci

The daffodils are out in full force, too, and, even though I have had terrible luck getting a photograph of them I like nearly as much as I do them, I couldn’t resist trying once again:


The real surprise of the weekend, though, was an ancient apple tree breaking into full bloom.

Apple Blossoms

My heart gave a leap when I saw this, knowing Spring must really be here, no matter what the calendar might say.

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