Spring Sun Day

There were a lot more birds at Belfair’s Theler Wetlands this Sunday than I’ve seen all winter, but the scene certainly seemed to be dominated by Great Blue Herons,

Great Blue Heron

and Canada Geese who seemed intent on proving that their wake was bigger than their neighbor’s,

Goose Wake

but if that wasn’t enough to intimidate them, they were willing to resort to more drastic means of establishing their territory.

Canada Goose Charging

Spring is upon us in all its Glory.


4 thoughts on “Spring Sun Day”

  1. Those are some of your best bird shots yet: the double image of the heron, the great fanning shot of the goose, and that hilarious shot of the bird sprinting like Roadrunner, wonderful. Did you photoshop the heron’s reflection to crisp it up? It’s a remarkable image.

  2. Mike, I darkened both the bird and its reflection, and lightened the blue in the background to make it stand out a little more.

    Truthfully, since I shoot RAW in my camera without any sharpening initially (the “dull’ setting) I almost always adjust the sharpness and the colors in my photos. Very few are posted just as they are right out of the camera, though I might be able to do that if I wanted to fiddle with the camera settings.

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