Song of the Wild

When I looked back at the shots I’d taken at Woodland Park Zoo I was surprised how many of them were of exactly the same subjects I’d taken at all of my previous trips. In fact, I think there was only one experience that was truly different.

In all of my visits I’d never heard the Siamang “singing” to each other. And I’m positive I would have remembered if I had ever heard them before. Don’t miss the opportunity if you get the chance,

They’re not particularly striking visually,


but once they start singing back and forth to each other the sound is as distinctive as the loon’s song:

Siamang singing

3 thoughts on “Song of the Wild”

  1. The word that comes to mind here and makes me feel happy is “melodious.” Wonderful to see the Siamang enjoying the September sunshine and to see that blue blue sky through the leaves. Good to see the shaman, too.

  2. Thanks for the visit, Loren. I thought he looked hand-painted, too. In fact, I thought he looked like an Indian blanket. What I wish is that I could find an empty shell like that to keep.

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