Make My Day

I’ve been out birding locally twice this week, and there seems to be more birds in my own neighborhood than in the local hot spots, perhaps because the water levels are so low in the lakes. There was nothing but year-round mallards at Titlow, and Waughop was little better. I thought I’d have to be satisfied with a glimpse of this juvenile Pied-Billed Grebe,

Juvenile Pied-Billed Grebe

until I caught sight of an Osprey diving repeatedly into the lake. Of course, it was on the side I’d already been on. I’d almost decided to go back when the Osprey came circling overhead,

Ospey Overhead

but unfortunately didn’t dive again. Still, it was enough to make my day.

4 thoughts on “Make My Day”

  1. loren you know why the birds came closer to your place. because they know that a darn fine pic of them will be posted for the world to see and admire!!!! the osprey – oh man oh man loren. i’ve seen them sitting on their nests but never like this. wow!!! steven

  2. i agree with steven’s comment, you have the water-witcher effect, they know you’ll get it right. kjm

  3. Great pictures – love the osprey, and now I’m sure it is the same bird we saw in the Adirondacks. I’m going to post the picture my husband took – sadly not close enough to really see its head as well as your picture though!

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