Flowers Ahead

Washington is forecast to be hit by a “winter storm this week and it’s only 37℉ today and raining, but when there was a short break in yesterday’s clouds I drove down to the Point Defiance Garden, thinking that if cherry blossoms were in flower that the park would certainly have some plants in bloom.

I was rewarded with my first sighting of rhododendrons in bloom, early whites and pinks,

Pink Rhododendron

and a wide variety of narcissus, ranging from yellow and orange,

Orange Yellow Narcissus

to white and orange.

White and Orange Narcissus

If I close my eyes a little and squint at my computer monitor, I can almost see tulips, iris, roses and dahlias ahead.

8 thoughts on “Flowers Ahead”

  1. Gorgeous. We are just barely getting some crocuses up; no rhodedendrons here.

    Am just catching up on your blog – have to keep up with both this and Scrabble! 😉

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