Right on Time

Despite our lack of sunshine in the last two weeks, Spring seems to be right on schedule. The two days of sunshine forecast for Thursday and Friday, however, somehow ended up being merely two hours of sunshine Thursday afternoon.

Despite the fact that I was beat from Thursday’s 2 1/2 hours of exercise, I headed out for Titlow and Steilacoom to see what could be seen. By the time I got there it had already started to cloud up, but the diffused light was still strong enough to be encouraging.

I quickly discovered that the cherry trees had started blossoming while I had been shut inside avoiding the rain,

Chickadee in cherry blossoms

and that the Wood Ducks had returned since the last time I had visited.

male Wood Duck

The were signs, though, that while it may be Spring here, it’s not quite as Spring-like in the mountains and on the east side of the Cascades because winter-residents like this Ruby-Crowned Kinglet haven’t left yet:

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

2 thoughts on “Right on Time”

  1. I heard some Goldfinches the other day – they are back. Spring is coming although very slowly here.

    We have a Wood Duck in our park hanging around with the Mallards. Don’t know where he came from!

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