Pas de Deux

Canada Geese are generally considered pests here in the Pacific Northwest, so much so landowner have gotten federal agencies to come in and destroy flocks of them, but I find them remarkably beautiful.

Pair of Canada Geese

As I reviewed this sequence, it reminded me of a Pas de Deux,

Canada Geese

and this shot reminded of the kind of formal portrait you’d find hung on the walls in British castles.

Canada Geese

I couldn’t decide which shot I liked best, so I opted to let you decide for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Pas de Deux”

  1. They are all beautiful, but I like their positions best in the third one!

    They are considered pests here too, now. We have so many I wonder if there are any left in Canada! LOL

  2. I love the middle one – looks like there’s a vertical mirror as well as the horizontal plane of the water…

    Third one is lovely too as it is indeed perfectly posed, and really emphasises those pristine white cheeks.

  3. They are considered a pest here too, Loren, because they eat so much grass. But anyone looking at those lovely photographs could not fail to be charmed by them. Lovely.

  4. they are considered a pest here loren because they leave massive quantities of excretia lying around. imagine!!! unlike their human counterparts!!!!! i love them, i love their colouring, their behaviours, the sound of a v flying overhead is quintessentially canadian autumn for me. the third pic is a stunner in a threesome of stunning quality.


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