Marsh Hawk

Despite the snow on the ground and some rather chilly temperatures, I couldn’t resist the bright blue skies that greeted me on arising this morning. So, after taking Skye for his morning walk I headed out for Nisqually Wildlife refuge.

While visiting friends in the visitors center, I noticed a Northern Harrier swoop across the pond right in front of the visitors center. I excused myself, and headed out to see if I could get some shots as it swooped over the pond repeatedly. But naturally, it wasn’t to be.

In fact, I was all the way to the old Ring-dike trail when something swept over my left shoulder, temporarily blocking the sun. I wasn’t fast enough to get my first shots focused, or it was so close that my 400mm lens couldn’t focus that closely.

So, I had to settle for this shot

Female Northern Harrier in Flight

and this shot

Female Northern Harrier in Flight

of a female Northern Harrier.

I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t going to be the year of the hawk.