Great Blue Heron

I have a hard drive full of Great Blue Heron shots, but I still find it hard to pass by one without at least getting one shot, believing that this one will be the ultimate shot, better than all the others I already have.

More often than not, I just erase the shot when I get home. So I was a little surprised when I decided that I really like this shot, even though the heron was rather far away, and standing in a shady spot.

Great Blue Heron

I like the original even better than this cropped shot, but, as I often find out, when a picture is only 620 pixels wide it looks better when it’s cropped tighter than when it’s on a 24” wide screen.

5 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron”

  1. How I wish the great blue heron came to the UK. We have the rather ordinary (by blue heron standards) grey heron – we can always see one on our beck and he takes off in a leisurely fashion when we pass him. They are such beautiful birds.

    1. Hey.. I am acutally doing my english paper on this poem.. I love it!

      But, I had a look on Morgans website, it didn’t seem to be there, do you know where I can find an online copy?


  2. Sorry, I don’t know that poem by Morgan, pat. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by Morgan. I’ll have to look in some of my collected works to see if he’s included.

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