Birds in the Yard

I seldom bother to post pictures of my yard except when flowers are in bloom, or hummingbirds are about. But my bird feeder might actually be a greater source of joy during the winter when I’m less likely to get out to natural areas.

Most of the time I content myself with watching the large numbers of Black-Capped Chickadees and Oregon Juncos that visit the feeder, but lately I’ve been entertained by this flicker,

Red-Shafted Flicker

which seems remarkably shy for a bird that chooses to visit a bird feeder.

The five Stellar Jays that visit are much less shy, but there’s something about the contrast in their feathers that makes it difficult to get a good picture, at least one that manages to capture the brilliant blue of their feathers and still render their darker head feathers.

Stellar Jay At Feeder