Scattered Sunshine

We actually got some scattered sunshine on Wednesday. Not enough to get to Nisqually or Belfair as I’d hoped to do, but enough to get out of the house and hit three different local areas, and get in a moderate walk.

Needless to say I took lots of pictures after being sun-deprived for so long. I really don’t trust my judgment on pictures unless they appeal to me in a year or so when I come back to them, but right now this is my favorite.

Pair Of Northern Shovelers

3 thoughts on “Scattered Sunshine”

  1. Wow! I like this double portrait, too.

    A female Shoveler. Now I know for sure what kind of duck that was that I saw during the winter of 2007-2008. It was one I would have described as an unusually large female Mallard. She was alone. Until I saw your photo, I hadn’t thought about her since last winter. Thanks so much, loren!

  2. The only way I can tell them is through the beak, am.

    When it’s as large as these, it’s a dead give away, though I only figured that out by seeing them with a male.

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