Oregon Coast

Although I’ve grown fonder of Santa Rosa the more I’ve visited and I’ve always found the Redwoods magical, my love of the Oregon Coast far outweighs either of those places. I’ve been visiting them for forty years and have spent most of my vacations there, not to mention many a weekend. I doubt that there’s a beach on the coast that I haven’t visited at one time or another.

Although the heavy rain in the winter long ago convinced me that I’d rather visit there than live there, I cannot imagine a place I’d rather be on a sunny day, spring, summer, or winter, day or night.

I’ve just recently discovered the southern Oregon coast, where the high cliffs offer gorgeous views:

Twilight At The Beach

My favorite place on the beach, though, is Seal Rock, just out of Newport:

Sea lRock

It’s never enough to see it from a distance, though. I have to experience the pounding of the surf against the rocky outcroppings close up for the full experience.

Waves Pounding the Rocks

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  1. such a blue vision. wonderful counter to the earlier view of the coast, which was also the coast at its best.kjm

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