Volunteering at Theler Gardens

Wednesday’s trip to Theler Wetlands in Belfair wasn’t very successful birdingwise, but it was a sunny day and I managed to see enough birds and flowers to make the day entirely enjoyable.

This Common Tern kept flying up and down the creek, making it impossible to ignore him.

Common Tern

For some reason I had better luck getting a picture of an American Goldfinch in a tree than on eating thistles, which is where I usually manage to get a shot.

Goldfinch In Tree

About the only thing that came close to unusual was this bird, which was sitting in the same tree as the goldfinches. At first, I thought he was in the shadows, but then I realized that he was nearly solid black, but not a shiny black like a crow or a blackbird. I’m still not sure what he was, but I think it’s a Slate-Colored Fox Sparrow.

Slate-Colored Fox Sparrow

Needless to say, I spent some time photographing the flowers in the garden, particularly this variety.

Yellow Flower

While I was photographing a man supervising the work in the garden introduced himself and told me the name of the flower, which I promptly forgot. Dr. Masley designed the garden several years ago and continues to help maintain it.

I was surprised to learn that they’ve had very little luck attracting volunteers to work in the garden, depending on two volunteers and local inmates to maintain it. Although it’s a rather long drive for me, and Friday from 9-11 is a less-than-ideal time, I told him I would try to get there two or three times a month to help in the garden, starting tomorrow. Considering how many photos I’ve taken there, I didn’t see how I could do otherwise.

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