Forecast: Gloomy and Wet

I was watching the news from Vancouver, B.C, while eating lunch a few minutes ago and almost spewed soup out my nose when the weather girl offered the 5-day forecast: Gloomy and Wet.

She’s right, that’s exactly the kind of winter we’re having here in the PNW, at least on the west side of the Cascades, as they’re having record snowfall in the mountains. It was so dark and stormy when I woke up at 5:30 this morning that I nearly went back to bed rather than brave the dash from the house to the car and from the parking lot to the gym. But I didn’t. I knew that if I missed another day I might just curl up in a small ball and hibernate ’til Spring, when I’d probably be too stiff to get up at all.

I’m still plugging away at mastering Dreamweaver, but as you can tell from the site, I haven’t mastered it well enough to make any major changes here yet. The biggest news in my life is that I finally ran out of excuses not to upgrade to a new Mac Pro. I still haven’t made the Apple Intel jump yet, but with cameras producing larger and larger photos, I was beginning to notice that my G-5 was spending more and more time making photographic changes. It’s definitely more money than I wanted to spend, or should spend, but computers and cameras have proven to be my number one expense in the last ten years, exceeding even the amount spent on cars. Anyway, I’m now anxiously awaiting the email announcing that they’ve sent my computer.

I’ve also been reading the Jesus Sutras for a while and have found them quite fascinating, though I haven’t quite figured what, if anything, I want to say about them here. The early chapters remind me a lot of Pagel’s Beyond Belief, revealing more about early Christianity than about the Christian Church in early China. I’ve always been more comfortable talking about philosophy than religion, but perhaps that’s changing since I started blogging my every thought.

Speaking of religion, I thank God for Will Hume’s of One Thing I Know willingness to engage in an ongoing game of Scrabulous on Facebook, since it’s been one of the few things that’s helped me to maintain my sanity while confined to the indoors. One cannot live by reading alone. I imagined when I joined Facebook that I would be inundated by offers to play since most of my readers seem to be word-oriented, but unfortunately I’ve since found out otherwise.

8 thoughts on “Forecast: Gloomy and Wet”

  1. We could use about a month of gloomy and wet around here, in order to get back the 9″ of water we need to break the drought. Send it here, please!

  2. Shelley, shelley, that’s one game. Zach beat me by over 200 points and I came back again, and again, until finally he lost interest in beating me anymore.

    I beat Will 5 straight games before he beat me 5 straight games.

    I’ve only won 50 % of my games, and have rating of 1350 + o r – a few depending on whether or not I won the last game.

  3. Tell me it ain’t so.

    If I have that much time on my hands I’ll have to actually finish up the Dreamweaver book, only on page 390, and get back to the Javascript book I started.

  4. Tell me it ain’t so too!

    Quick… tiles at your dawn. Or at least morning. I’m off over there RIGHT NOW!

  5. Ah, grasshopper, one has to go with the flow in such games.

    I don’t have a 1466 rating because I’ve not learned how to lose gracefully, but because I’ve learned to accept what’s there and look for more tomorrow.

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