9 thoughts on “Still Hanging in There”

  1. Hilarious. The first thing I thought was that this leaf was using universal sign language to express its feelings about short days and cold weather.

  2. This is sublime. It is the child that does not want to go to bed. Or the adult that does not want to let go of one stage of life and clings, stubbornly clings, as if you could stop life from happening to life. Was the leaf like that when you found it, or did you stage the shot? Also, what time of day was it taken? There’s no morning frost…

  3. This picture goes to show that the most mundane things can be still beautiful when our hearts are open to see them. Nice work!

  4. Rae, I didn’t stage anything. That’s the way the leaf was.

    I did tweak the background a little because there were some green areas that detracted from the leaf.

  5. What a little sneak that leaf was! Anyhow, the photo would have been equally good even if it had been staged. I agree with the gray background. It really sets off the rust color of the leaf.

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