A Little Hair Pulling

My blog has been trying to drive me crazy today.

I had a long post planned on a new book I just started, but I got an email saying that my comments weren’t functioning, and, sure enough, despite the fact that they were functioning a few hours earlier and I had done absolutely nothing to my site, I could no longer post a comment, at least to the current entry.

No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get a comment to stick, and I even lost the background on that entry, and it had a weird address.

Turns out I could post to earlier entries, and delete, or anything else I wanted to do. So I started to believe it was just the one entry that had a problem.

Only kenju managed to comment on that entry. But I still couldn’t. So, I have no idea what the problem is or how to fix it.

Sometime later tonight I will try to update WordPress to the newest version and see if that magically solves the problem, though I don’t see why it should.

Heck, for all I know everyone will be able to comment on this site.

Ain’t technology great? Can’t live without it. Can’t live with it.