Back to the Slopes

We went cross country skiing today, the first time in nearly three years. And it felt like it, at least for me.

Leslie dragged me up the mountain, not literally, of course, but certainly figuratively. About half way up the trail I started having cramps in my legs, and it just got worse from there, particularly when I tried to slow down by snowplowing on the steep grades.

Still, we made it to the Snow Hut, and that’s what we set out to reach when we began skiing.

The Mount Tahoma Trails Association maintain the trails we skied today. We met two people from MTTA, one who took this picture, and both were friendly, helpful people. I suspect I’ll be making a donation shortly since despite the pain, I’m looking forward to skiing there several more times this year.

Unfortunately, the leg cramps didn’t stop once we were off the trail. We even had to stop the car so I could get out and stretch nearly an hour later. Now I remember why we signed up for the YMCA last week. Not just to lose another ten pounds, but to try to get back in shape so that I can actually take a couple of backpacks this summer.

Luckily, I’m not planning anything more strenuous than eating breakfast with Mike and, hopefully, Kevin tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Back to the Slopes”

  1. That’s a great photo. You might be out of luck for your cramps. The morning paper here reports that the FDA has taken most quinine preparations off the market. Try a bar of soap under your bottom sheet near your calves. The “People’s Pharmacy” says that works.

  2. Loren,
    Glad you liked the picture. We are always glad to have more people discover the Tahoma Trails, so thanks for posting it, and your kind words. Hope you come up with a good remedy for those leg cramps.
    See you on the trails!

  3. love the picture!

    i haven’t seen actual snow on the ground here in years (i see it fall but it’s always too warm to stick)

    try magnesium for leg cramps, a good long soak with bath salts (epsom salts) good too

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