I’ve been tagged by TAGEZ Photo to blog about 5 things that people wouldn’t necessarily know about me:

After blogging for over five years now, I doubt that there’s much worth knowing — at least that I want known — that people don’t already know about me if they’ve read all that I’ve written here.

Still, here are 5 things you probably never wanted to know about me:

Perhaps some people don’t realize how competitive I am. I couldn’t even stand to purposely lose games to my kids. So I had to buy games that relied on pure chance so they could win once in awhile.

On first appearance, people probably think I come across more as a jock than as an artistic or literary type. As I once noted, I used to make fun of kids who had to go home to piano lessons while we were playing street football.

I entered the University of Washington as a Physics major, and then switched to English. In fact, I scored so low on the English portion of the SAT that I ended up in an “Honors,” Bone-Head English class my senior year of high school.

I fought my way through grade school. It was after I saw my first serious fight in a Seattle junior high school that I decided I’d rather be a scholar than a street fighter, though a quick temper didn’t always make that easy.

My favorite comic character is Donald Duck. See above.

I suspect that most of the bloggers I know who would want to do this have already done so, so I’ll leave up to others to decide if they’d like to do this rather than putting friends on the spot.