A Few Flowers

No time for poetry again today, as I spent most of the day moving a very old, very big butterfly bush from one part in the yard to another part. Considering how many butterflies and hummingbirds it attracted last year, I couldn’t bear to part with it. In fact, I felt rather badly about having to cut some rather large roots in order to move it to a new place.

About all else I had time for today was to take Skye for his daily walk in the park, and a few moments sitting on the front porch admiring the few tulips that have somehow managed to avoid being eaten by the local deer.

They’re all quite beautiful as the previous owner had great taste in flowers, but, as you can see from this picture:

Most of them get eaten nearly to the ground like the two to the right of this one if they manage to bloom at all.

These two, however, have managed to thrive by growing up right in the middle of a bush that the deer won’t touch, probably because it smells strongly of pineapple mint.

There’s something more special about these tulips precisely because they have survived where others haven’t