A friend stopped by the other day and said she was disappointed I’d virtually given up on political commenting. I told her that I had gone so far as to ban Leslie from mentioning Bush’s name to me. I’ve had enough of politics, particularly when there’s nothing to do about it until the next election, when you’ll probably start hearing more than you want to about my political views.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m not continuing to send emails to my legislators, donating money to the ACLU and various environmental organizations. It just means I’m not writing about it right now.

She also looked at the little garden in front of our house and questioned whether that could possibly be the garden where “all those beautiful pictures came from.” I assured her, that except for the Park pictures, which I try to distinguish, it was, indeed, the source of all those wonderful photos.

There’s certainly nothing magical about my garden or even about the Pt. Defiance Rose Garden, but paying close attention to either of them does make them “magical,? and the camera is the instrument of that magic, an instrument that plays us as much as we play it until we resonate with what we see.

Who could guess these golden crowns are less than an inch wide and only the miracle of the close-up lens could reveal their true beauty?

4 thoughts on “Crowned”

  1. Do you use a macro lens for your close-up photos? My wife would love one — has to make-do with her telephoto lens. One of these days, I’m going to surprise her with a macro lens. Of course, that’s after I get her that digital SLR she wants. 🙂

  2. Yes, Jason that was taken with a macro lens, one so expensive that it took me 40 years of wanting to feel like I could afford it.

    Turns out, though, that I take nearly as many close ups with my telephoto lens as I do with my close up lens. The major problem with the close up lens is that it has a fixed lens length. I shudder to think what one without a fixed focal lens length might cost.

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