The Glass Hummingbird

Yesterday the weather improved and we finally got to visit Doug in Olympia, always a pleasure because of his beautiful garden and art collections.

While getting a drink of water, I was struck by the large collection of glass hummingbirds that adorned the window over the sink.

The surprising thing wasn’t that they were there, but, rather, that I had never noticed them before for there were at least a dozen of them hung on the window, some quite striking.

That, plus another incident that took place yesterday, made me again wonder to what extent our awareness and appreciation of art is influenced by other interests. Of course, it’s also possible that my interest in taking pictures of hummingbirds is a form of art and that my interest in that art made me react to other artists’ interpretation of similar subjects.

I don’t really know the answer to the question but suspect that this interpretation of one my favorite glass hummingbirds contains within it my answer to that question: