A Rainy Day

It’s been raining continuously here in Tacoma today, as it has been most of the night. I was originally scheduled to visit Doug in Tacoma with Dawn, Rich and the kids, but we’ve decided to postpone the trip until it’s better weather. He has a marvelous garden with multiple bird feeders, and I’d planned on coming back with some great photos.

As it is, I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with posting some recent photos because the trails are undoubtedly soaked today, and I’m not in much of a mood to wade through the mud in the middle of July. Of course, if it were January or February I would probably consider today a beautiful, warm day. It’s amazing how expectations can alter our whole perception of a day, isn’t it?

I’m really not much of a “birder,” but I’ve been feeding them for over ten years now and I’m always pleased when one shows up that I haven’t seen before. This is the first time I can ever remember regularly seeing a Goldfinch, even though it’s the Washington State bird:

and as a reminder of just how changeable the weather is here in the Pacific Northwest, here’s another picture that I took of the hummingbird yesterday:

That’s sunshine, not liquid sunshine, reflected in the greens in the background.

3 thoughts on “A Rainy Day”

  1. The first time Goldfinches showed up in my back yard a couple of years ago, I studied them a little and discovered they are the state bird for at least 2 or 3 states. I guess they have a universal passport. About the time that they turn fully and splendidly yellow (like the one in your photo), they are almost all gone from here and headed north.

  2. The goldfinch takes me back a few months – I have hordes of them in January and February, but they’re mostly gone by now. I love to sit at my window and watch the finches at my feeders.

  3. Hordes of them?

    Now I’m jealous. It’s really unusual to see two or three of them around here.

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