Just Trying to Keep Up

Like many of my fellow bloggers, I’ve had trouble posting here lately. There are many things, both good and bad, going on around here, and it’s been tough fitting everything in that needs to be addressed.

I have finally managed to get all the Christmas decorations up, adding lights to the outside of the house for the first time ever. I’ve also started cooking Christmas cookies and, with Leslie’s help, have finished four different kinds so far already.

I’ve managed to finish almost all my Christmas shopping, though I still have to get a couple of packages in the mail today or tomorrow.

I’m happiest, though, that I’ve managed to finish carving four Santas already, the latest two the best of all, at least in my opinion:

The first two Santas have already been sent off as presents, but I like to think that each Santa keeps getting a little better. After pulling out our Christmas decorations, including several excellent Santas, I’ve got some new ideas I’d like to try out.

However, I’m about to embark on carving a snowman for Gavin’s present, and hopefully will manage to finish it before they leave for Spokane for Christmas with the other set(s) of grandparents.

Unfortunately, all this rushing around seems to leave less time than usual for reading, though I’m still trying to finish One Market Under God so that I can move on to some poetry books I’ve got waiting.

7 thoughts on “Just Trying to Keep Up”

  1. I agree Loren, these two are terrific, and even better than your earlier efforts. I must say I envy you your craft and burgeoning craftsmanship. Keep us updated as you continue with this delightful work.

  2. More display of talent. What a lovely Christmas preesnt you’ve created. Lucky recipients.

    P.S. Here’s hoping the good casts long shadows over the bad.

  3. Talk about giving a piece of yourself! These kinds of gifts, rare and wonderful, become their own traditions in our house each December. Thank you so much for posting a shot of two of them. I’m printing this page to show my twelve-year-old daughter, who loves to make presents with her hands.

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