Here Yesterday, Gone Today

On my way back from the Rhododendron Garden yesterday,

I noticed this lone red poppy.

Today, it was gone, nothing but a few obscure digits on my hard drive to indicate it ever existed.

Eclipsed by towering rhododendrons
Who would notice,
Silly little poppy?

3 replies on “Here Yesterday, Gone Today”

I wish you’d quit thinking about sex all the time. Lord, just look at that red poppy and all those sexual parts and things in plain sight!

Brrr! Now you’ve got me thinking about it all the time! Glad I’ve got you to keep popping these images under my nose. Left to myself, I might forget or forego them.

Snipped, no doubt, by one who would selfishly seek to preserve and enjoy it in private, and in so doing accomplish neither!! O Wicked World, that would treat a poppy so!!


Waiting for the poppies

at the field’s edge,

blood-red amongst

the charlock and

the chamomile.

This is also

a time of turned

flints and hidden

thorns. And a fire

will bind the days

like shocked corn.