Unexpected Beauty

I planned on spending a good part of my morning taking pictures of roses at the Rose Garden at Point Defiance. However, just as I was getting into the car, camera-in-hand, this beautiful black and white butterfly lit on the orange flowers next to the car door.

Forgetting the roses for the moment, I spent the next half hour trying to get a picture of this handsome beauty. This is probably the best picture I got, although I do have a slightly out-of-focus picture looking directly down on him. I decided that in order to get a perfect picture of him I would probably have to pin him down to a flower with a stick pin, but personally I prefer my nature on the wild side. It’s by far my favorite picture of the day, though the captive roses proved much more cooperative.

One thought on “Unexpected Beauty”

  1. Good Butterfly plus Good Rose=A Good Blog for a nice relaxed Saturday.

    I feel like I should be listening to Simon and Garfunkel songs now.

    “Got to make the morning last…”

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