Rhododendrons Springing Up Everywhere

I might be falling behind on my poetry reading and updating, but I haven’t fallen behind in my walking. We’ve had some awesome weather lately, and, despite yesterday’s sudden drop in temperature and accompanying squalls, it certainly seems like spring around here.

All the proof you need of that can be found in Point Defiance’s Rhododendron garden. It’s still too early for most flowers, but the native varieties are already in full bloom:

Rhododendrons are the state flower, so I’ve grown up around them and probably take their beauty for granted.

I guess that’s why I like this picture so much:

Until I took this picture from above, I hadn’t even realized that rhododendrons grew from a single stem like this, probably because I’d only seen them from the side before. Hopefully this’ll remind me not to take such beauty for granted, but, instead, to try to look at it through new eyes.

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