A Brighter Day Awaits

When I left home yesterday morning, I was met by wet streets, raindrops splattering against the windshield, and skies turning from a dismal gray to a gloomy black.

Nor was the long drive from Tacoma to my doctor’s appointment in Portland made any shorter by gusting winds and rain-splattered windshields.

In fact, it wasn’t until I neared Portland that the weather brightened up, at least enough to make lunch at Who Song and Larry’s on the Columbia River with Bill enjoyable.

Unfortunately, time was short and I felt compelled to constantly check my watch to make sure I had time to make it to the doctor’s appointment across town. Good thing I left early, too, or the ten miles of stop-and-go traffic would have made me late for my appointment.

Hearing the doctor relate my medical history to his young intern and having an examining tool shoved up my nose and down my throat didn’t make my day any better.

However, having the doctor pronounce me healthy and saying I didn’t need to come back for a check-up for a full year did somehow make the whole day seem much brighter.

If I didn’t know better, I might even have imagined that nature was reveling in my good news, for the skies were clear on the way back and even Tacoma was bathed in sunlight. Even the small flowers in the front garden seemed even beautiful than when I had passed them in the morning.

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