I Told You I was a Liberal, and Proud of It

I’m not going to spend a lot of time discussing politics on this blog, as I’ve already said, but after last night’s State of the Union Address, I’ve certainly given more thought than usual to politcs.

I really haven’t decided on a candidate, though I know I’m going to support the Democratic candidate. However, I decided it was about time to take a closer look at which Democrat I should support.

It seemed to me that the 2004 AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SELECTOR at Selectsmart.com would be a good place to start. Here are my results from their test:

Sharpton, Reverend Al – Democrat “”(87%)””
Dean, Gov. Howard, VT – Democrat “”(84%)”
Clark, Retired General Wesley K., AR – Democrat “”(83%)”
Kucinich, Rep. Dennis, OH – Democrat “”(79%)””
Edwards, Senator John, NC – Democrat “”(72%)””
Kerry, Senator John, MA – Democrat “”(67%)””
Lieberman, Senator Joe, CT – Democrat “”(45%)
Libertarian Candidate “”(35%)””
Phillips, Howard – Constitution “”(10%)””
Bush, President George W. – Republican “”(6%)””

Now, historically I’ve had some real issues with Reverends Sharpton’s style, so I must admit that I was rather taken aback when he came out number one on my list. I was less surprised with how close Dean and Clark are, because those are the two that I have been unable to decide between, though I think Dean is a slight favorite. I suspect that this test, like my much-beloved Briggs-Meyers test, leaves nearly as much out as it considers when it narrows the questions down to 17 questions. I know several INTP’s and, though we share some personality characteristics, we are quite different in vital ways. At least this test is a place to start, though.

Now that I’ve got some indication of which candidates I “most agree with,” I guess I’ll be doing some more reading on my three top candidates,particularly in regard to environmental issues.

I’ve also subscribed to http://FactCheck.org/an organization that “fact checks” politicians. There’s already quite a few articles on line, and they emailed me an analyis of Bush’s State of the Union Address right after it was done.

While reading The Christian Science Monitor, I also discovered Columbia Journalism Review’s The Campaign Desk which critques and analyzes political coverage.

I don’t think it would surprise any of my regular readers to learn that I’ve also subscribed to ttp://Environment2004/ updates and, of course, to MoveOn.Org.

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