A Snow Break

Don’t give up on me yet, folks. I’m almost back to posting on poetry. I’ve nearly finished Sharon Olds’ The Unswept Room
and should be posting on that tomorrow (especially now that I’ve said I would).

I probably would have finished my first entry today, but Tacoma got a rare snowstorm last night and today, so I had to spend much of my day running food out for the birds, both sunflower seeds for the sparrows:

and, more importantly, sugar solution for the poor little hummingbird who apparently forgot to go South. I had to run out every hour and bring the hummingbird feeder in and thaw it. Unfortunately it turns out that hummingbirds are harder to take pictures of than sparrows. Everytime I tried to move in close up to fill up the screen on my digital camera, the hummingbird buzzed off.

I had to settle for some pictures of Leslie and Skye on the trail:

Well naturally I had get out and hike in the snow. After all, this is Tacoma’s first real snow storm in six years. Who knows when the next one will get here?