Too Much Time on My Hands

Do you think there’s a reason why I have to read this story on the BBC
rather than finding it on Fox News (well, it might have been on Fox news, but I refuse to watch anything that tries to delude readers into believing that right- wing propoganda is really “fair and balanced) or any other main-stream news channels?

Actually, I probably wouldn’t have found it at all, but I’ve been subscribed to
alt.muslim for quite awhile as an antidote to the anti-Muslim stance of much of the news I ‘m forced to rely on for lack of better political sources.

While I’m not surprised that Secretary Rumsfeld has declined to criticize Evangelical Christian Lieutenant-General William G Boykin for labeling Allah an “Idol,” I am a little surprised that the chair of the U.S. Joint Chief of Staffs would argue that “there is a very wide grey area on what the rules permit.” Guess there must be a much wider grey area for generals than there is for lesser officers, considering that I’ve seen letters of reprimand and worse for officers caught wearing uniforms at anti-war rallies during the Vietnam era.

I was more surprised that I hadn’t found at least a mention of this truly ironic, in a post-modern, literary sense, of course, story about ex-President Bush’s award of the 2003 George Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service to anti-war critic Democrat Ted Kennedy at my favorite political blog (yep, you-guessed-it) Open Source Politics.