If the Rain Don’t Get Ya

After somehow managing to fritter away most of Monday trying to discover why Bill couldn’t hear me over iChat ( it turns outs that Norton Personal Firewall wasn’t to blame, that the real cause was a conflict with Apple Speakable Items), Bill convinced me that as a retired school teacher I was still eligible for Apple’s teacher-discount on OS X. As a result I spent much of the rest of the day calling Apple and waiting for a return call, but did end up getting Panther at a major discount.

I spent yesterday travelling to Vancouver to have my teeth cleaned by Dr. Joe since I decided that I would stick with him after nearly twenty years. Naturally, I had to leave early so that I could tie together some loose ends in Vancouver and spend several hours actually talking in person to Bill, much preferable to iChat (sorry Apple.)

The trip back was exciting as my little RAV-4 was buffeted by high winds and rain. When I finally did get home, my wife informed me that pieces of the roof were lying ( perhaps “laying”) on the deck. Turns out that a powerful windstorm hit the area, killing a man and shutting down Seattle’s famous Ivar’s restaurant.

Luckily, the damage to my house was minor in comparison, though my fear of heights, and, yes, it certainly seems odd to me that someone who has such a fear of heights ends up on a roof doing repairs nearly as much as I do, probably because I’m “cheap” and aspire to some level of self-sufficiency. Once I got on the roof I discovered that two major shingles had been torn lose. I also discovered that several shingles had already been replaced in the same area. Further exploration convinced me that I should nail down some several lose shingles since I was already forced to make repairs.

After a trip to Lowes to purchase some shingle nails and some caulking compound, I spent a few hours on the roof making the needed repairs, all the time hoping that the winds and rain would hold off until I could get down off the second story. Luckily they did, and I’m hoping that the repairs will be adequate until at least next summer, if not longer.

Now that I’m down off the roof, it’s suddenly turned quite sunny, what a surprise.

Of course, this is merely meant to serve as an excuse for not posting more interesting entries this week, Shelley.