Open Source Politics Article

Ah, I must be getting absent minded in my old age.

I forgot to mention that I had another article up on Open Source Politics.

Like the previous article, this relates to air quality, but this time I link air quality to ongoing health problems.

This week I’m working on another article that suggests that the Bush administration also wants to do away with attempts to improve water quality. What a surprise. Not.

2 thoughts on “Open Source Politics Article”

  1. Loren,

    I find your blog pretentious, a knot of embarassment by proxy forms in my stomach when I ‘flip the pages’ of your site.

    I find particularly ironic your article lamenting the state of our “clean air”, which even links to the American Lung Association.

    In the mid eighties I landed under your instruction for two years. Class periods seemed to be painful interuptions of your chain-smoking. I recall your elbow-patched corduroy jackets offended the nose of non-smokers from at least 50 yards away. When I read in your blog how you began teaching for X noble reason and tries to instill X values in your students, I’m forced to wonder how many Thai sticks you brought back with you from Indochina. I recall a bored stiff middle aged guy who forced himself to go through the motions solely to finance his next carton of death sticks.

    And now you’re concerned with clean air??

    Perhaps you should stick to blogging on how poetry makes you feel. Your trite cliches and predictable conclusions about the state of our culture are… well…. trite and predictable. And a bit disingenuous.

    Or, just a suggestion, you could just start a diary for your personal therapy needs. It doesn’t get you a #1 spot on a Google search, but your loved ones could perhaps be a little less shamed by your vomitus stream of conciousness.

    BTW, I’m very happy you recovered from your throat problems and I wish you well.

  2. You don’t know Loren, or his weblog, if you use the word ‘pretentious’. That’s the beauty of it.

    What a vile coward you are, not to leave any legitimate contact information after your petty sneering. It would seem that whatever childish anger you had from years ago — didn’t get recognized for your greatness is it? — has never been resolved.

    I shouldn’t comment on your comment, cluttering up Loren’s comments, which should be reserved for adults who want to communicate in an adult manner. But I’ve rarely been so angry at such an ugly, petty, mean, vindictive, and ‘trite’ comment as yours was. You must be a sad, disillusioned person of little talent.

    If you return, and if you have the courage of your words, leave a true email. Or better yet, get your own weblog and stop whining in others about past supposed hurts and angers.

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