The Picture of Calm

I’ve spent the last two days entertaining and being entertained by my grandchildren and their families. This is the first time we’ve gotten together since they had chidlren so, despite the sudden 100+ degree weather we’ve been suffering through I’ve been enjoying myself too much the last few days to do much with my blog.

My one request, an easy one to fulfill I thought, was a picture of me and the two kids together. We took far too many pictures but most of them turned out like this:

Apparently someone didn’t think it was nearly as fun having his picture taken as grandpa did.

None of the pictures turned out as a masterpiece, though my favorite is the one below. Those wrinkled brows probably show the stress of trying a little too hard to produce a "perfect" picture. At least one of us seemed capable of producing something that might pass as a smile.

Thank goodness I never tried to make a living taking family portraits. I think I’ll stick to my scenics.