To Link or Not to Link

Things could get real crazy around here for awhile. As noted earlier, I’m in the middle of selling my home and moving to Tacoma. Part of that process includes freshening up this place, replacing the carpets, getting the shower replaced, dealing with insurance agents, contractors, etc. Obviously moving all the furniture out for carpeting and painting is going to mean some enforced blackouts.

I’ve also promised to babysit my grandson Gavin for a week shortly and I’m certainly not going to pass that up just because I’m getting ready to move. Carpe diem.

In addition, I’m probably going to have to go up to Tacoma to start looking for a new house rather than merely searching online. And obviously when I sell my house there is going to a real, not virtual, disconnect until I can get an cable connection.

Though I had thought about starting my own political commentary, I’m joining a new political blog started by ReachM High Cowboy Networkinstead. Obviously that will put more demands on my time, but I still find it difficult to express liberal ideas here and not do anything in the “real” world to support those ideas. At least when I was a teacher I could argue that educating good citizens was my contribution.

I’m still trying to decide if I should link to all the writers who will be contributing to that site just as I now link to the Wayward Co-op members. I must admit, though, that I think of myself as a literary blog, and I’m not sure that I want to suddenly link to huge numbers of “political blogs.” If so, should I set them aside as political links, my first thought. If so, do I move those who are in my other links section who are political over to political links? Should I just remain a literary blog and omit these political links entirely. Should I move all my links to a separate page and just put out something called “Links?”

Strangely enough, this is one of the few issues I’ve dealt with on my blog where I would appreciate other bloggers’ advice.