Reality Rears Its Ugly Head

Several days ago I accidently dropped a pen into the toilet where, naturally, it prompty disappeared before I could retrieve it. Luckily the house has three bathrooms, so I didn’t find it too inconvenient to use the other upstairs bathroom for several nights.

After listening to three days of Leslie complaining that I should just call a plumber, though, I decided, back be damned, that I was going to pull the toilet and retrieve my pen. After going through my daily back exercises, I set to work.

Despite some rather painful contortions, in less than an hour I was able to retrieve the troublesome pen.

Unfortunately, because I haven’t been out of my sweats, or the house, for a week, I had several errands to run before I could reinstall the commode. I had to stop for dog food so that Sky could eat tonight. Finally, I got to the local plumber’s supply house and picked up the parts I needed to finish.

By the time I finally finished putting everything back together, including touching up the paint behind the toilet before I reinstalled it, it was far too late to finish reading another section of Pound’s poetry.

One thought on “Reality Rears Its Ugly Head”

  1. I am _really_ impressed! I can’t even get my earrings back when I drop them down the washbasin.

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