A Little Dusting and Furniture Moving

Rather than spending my day pleasantly reading poetry, I decided I finally had to do something about updating links and applying the code to add comments to my archives that Dorothea so kindly wrote after my recent request.

The reality is that the way I navigate the web has changed considerably in the recent past. It used to be that I would always navigate from my home page, faithfully going down the list of blogs that I link to.

However, with the advent of NetNewsWire I now read many of my favorite blogs after they have updated. For many of the sites that don’t have an RSS feed, I use the “daily” link in Url Manager Pro to automatically open about twelves sites that I check in the evening.

That means that I turn less and less often to my own list of links, though some sites I really like are not covered by either of the previous methods. In order to make checking them easier, I’ve divided my list into somewhat arbitrary groups, groups that will probably be more meaningful to me than to the casual reader.

I used to visit every site on my link list virtually every day. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible, but I don’t list any sites that I wouldn’t recommend and don’t visit regularly.