Another Time…ly Article

I don’t think I’ve found a better statement of my opposition to the Iraqi war than this article in the NY Times as recommended by GeoDog’s MT Weblog

This along with Nat Hentoff’s appearance on Bill Moyer’s NOW last night and his discussion of the Patriotic Act leaves me wondering if the New York Times may not be the last major bastion of “liberal” ideas in American media.

Despite all the cries of a “liberal media,” I certainly have seen few signs of such a bias in the media lately. In fact, I’ve been hard pressed to find any signs of liberalism outside the net and a few letters-to-the-editor in the local Oregonian.

Perhaps the most positive result of the Bush administration will be the revival of “liberalism” as a counter to the political conservatism that threatens to both fiscally and morally bankrupt America.

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