Too Tired to Fight Back

Before I went to work this morning I read Jonathon’s comments on “always writing about war,” no matter what we are writing about. For a short while, I thought that I had been re-inspired to comment on the war.

After coming home after working on taxes most of the day and going through physical therapy for my herniated disc, I came home and read the comments on Jonathon’s blog entry. Then I turned to Shelley’s multi-entry, plus comments, on the same topic.

Somehow after reading all the divisive ideas i felt too tired, much too tired, to even bother commenting on the idea.

I can certainly agree with Dave Roger’s opinion that at this point the best thing to hope for all involved is a speedy end to the war. However, as I watched the news tonight with Mabarek’s prediction of a hundred new Bin Laden’s, it was certainly hard not to agree with Jonathon that we are “simply fucked,” no matter how soon we “win” this war.

Not that I disagree with Shelley that if we don’t do something about the Bush administration we will quickly move from this war to our next war with Syria and Iraq, a war that Rumsfeld set the stage for by accusing Iran and Syria of smuggling weapons to Iraq.

Unfortunately, work, my immediate physical ailments, and a sense of physical and moral exhaustion make it difficult for me to do much more than fight off my ISP problems of the last weekend and finally update my links to Jeff Ward, Riley Dog, and By Sand and Sea, as well as add some new links.

Maybe if I didn’t waste so much of my brain power on meaningless poetry, I would be able to discover the solutions to the world’s problems.

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