My Mea Culpa

I’m afraid I attribute my recent sporadic postings to a certain inflexibility, as starting back to work, even though the hours are limited and sporadic, has interrupted my usual schedule.

I’ve gotten used to waking up, browsing the net for an hour or so, settling back and reading until I’m inspired to write an entry for my blog. After finishing the blog entry, I’d spend the rest of the day doing whatever I wanted to do. Now that I’ve started working at 9:00, however, I’m barely able to browse a few of my favorite sites, take a shower, make lunch, and put on that miserable tie before I need to leave for work.

I used to find it easy to work like this before retiring, but I now find it nearly impossible to pull my ideas together since getting used to doing it all in one long session.

To make matters worse, when the weekend comes I feel I’ve earned the right to loaf for a while. I spent the Martin Luther King weekend visiting Gavin and his parents in Tacoma. Taking advantage of a sunny day, we all visited the zoo:

The beautiful weather continued Sunday, so we drove up the Columbia River Gorge to a Yuppie restaurant that serves an outstanding meatloaf sandwich. Good food and a beautiful view are hard to beat:


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