Fighting the Good Fight

If I were to allow myself, I could easily get depressed over the current state of the nation.

I accepted that we were going to fight a war I did not believe in when Congress gave the president the power to attack Iraq with little more than a murmur months ago. It’s cheering, though, to see people protesting in the streets of Portland again.

I accepted that the Republicans care as little about the environment as they do about the health of those who cannot afford medical care. I’m cheered, though, by the corresponding rise in action among environmental groups. The increasing number of internet sites that encourage citizens to write congressmen will give those of us concerned with the environment increasing opportunities to talk to our congressmen.

I accepted that the Democrats have taken the worst beating in my lifetime in the last election. I’m cheered, though, by the fact that they haven’t given up hope of regaining the congress and that I’ve been inundated with fund raising letters from the Democratic party, both at the national and local level.

I’m even more cheered by the attempts of the local Sierra club to leverage email and the net to encourage their members to get more politically involved. I might even break all my rules and actually go to a meeting.

If these people can get me to attend a “political” meeting, there may be hope that they can energize others who have been less opposed to taking political action.

I’m equally cheered that Shelley , among many others, hasn’t given up the good fight.