5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us”

  1. Seems as if all of our birthdays are here abouts.

    Happy birthday! Let’s hope you ate your cake with a little less mess than Kel.

    I liked the present. I think you getting it says many interesting things about you.

  2. One doesn’t “eat” birthday cake; one lives it.

    And the present might say as much about the daughter who happens to be a big Harry Potter fan, and a son-in-law who is much better at Lego’s than a certain grandpa who only had Lincoln Logs as a child ( or was that the house we lived in?).

  3. I haven’t had time to build it yet, Raye. I’ve been too busy playing with my computer Christmas presents .

    I finally had to pay the bills tonight, and I actually had to work at the tax office today.

    But I’ll get it built no later than this weekend and we can compare the picture to the real thing.

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