This Fickle Heart of Mine

The weather took a sudden turn for the better here in the Northwest, with record-setting temperatures of 65 degrees. Although we’ve had very little rain for November, we have had rain off and on for the last three week. So I took advantage of the weather to get outside and work in the yard. Even sucking up leaves doesn’t seem too bad when the temperatures are in the sixties.

Needless to say, I haven’t spent much time today reading poetry or working at my computer today despite my trip to the computer store to try to find Heroes of Might and Magic IV for the Mac. Needless to say, it’s not in stock yet at COMP USA. So I had to go to the bookstore instead in order to spend my money. I ended up buying Dr. Mac: The OS X Files and Unix for Mac OSX in hopes that I can graduate to a real UNIX book so that I can talk Geek to all the people I’ve met on the internet who seem to know much more about everything Geek than I do. Perhaps I can even graduate to Shelley’s Unix book, though I imagine that’ ll take awhile.

Throughout today’s adventures I found at least two things that Skye, my faithful Australian Shepherd, truly hates. First, he cannot stand the leaf blower I use to vacuum leaves. He tries to attack it whenever I start it up. (Perhaps the motor starting up sounds like a growl to him.) Of course, he’s also been known to suddenly attack it while I’m calmly sucking up leaves.

Turns out Skye also hates for me to play iTunes in the background while I’m working on my trusty G4. I’ll bet it’s more distracting to have a 45 pound dog jumping on your lap and barking than it is to have a cat crawling up on your lap. Of course, in the past I’ve been told by family members that my off-tune humming to "imaginary tunes" was frightening, at best. So, perhaps it’s that, and not just the fact that I’m listening to iTunes that drove the crazy dog to start jumping on me and barking. Everyone envisions themself as a music critic, apparently.

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  1. I’m not sure I’ve earned the right to an autographed copy yet, Shellley.

    i haven’t looked at Unix since I got my first internet account through the school district and they were runing Pine and news readers.

    Let me see how I do with Unix for OS X.

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