The Official Housewarming

I spent most of the day sprucing up In a Dark Time, indexing the names of poets and books I’ve reviewed in the past year. (No, they’re not the result of Brad Choaste’s MySQL plug-in, that’ll have to wait a little while until I learn MySQL basic and a little more about MT’s language, but it’s serviceable and will work for the next month or so.)

After that I sent out emails to all those sites who have linked to me but haven’t updated their links yet. But a real loud THANK YOU to all those sites who have already updated the links. It’s not that I didn’t want to email you and thank you personally, but I’m a little burned out with all the minor details involved in moving. It’s almost, but not quite, as bad as a real move.

There are several things that I still want to do to the site, particularly with graphics, but if I let that stop me I would never have a site up. As I upgraded old "Blogger" entries from the original site I was amazed at how little I understood HTML when I began. I finally just dropped all the entries into BBEdit, stripped out all the code and plugged the entries back into Adobe GoLive and recoded them.

I still have to look over all the entries one more time to make sure that I wasn’t pasting them in twice, as I did with William Carlos Williams and check to see that some entries weren’t lost in converting to MySQL. I know for sure that one recent entry was deleted in the conversion because I vaguely remember the comments that were entered. It will take awhile to find all of them, but if you find an error be sure to point it out to me, I’m not proud.

I still have to find a way to bring over my essay on "Why I blog" because I’m amazed how often it gets linked to. I also feel obliged to somehow notify some colleges that have linked to particular essays as welll as other literary sites I’ve been keeping track of .

For now, though, I’m done and I’m looking forward to getting back on track writing literary entries for awhile instead of upgrading my site.

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