It Really Doesn’t Matter. I Have to Do My Taxes

Mike Sanders is certainly right. It’s certainly much easier to provide a couple of links for the day and get on with the rest of the day than it is to come up with original ideas.

I just noticed that I’ve been blogging for nearly six months with few breaks. I got used to those week-long breaks as a teacher, and I’m starting to remember why they were needed. I need one now in order to recharge some batteries.

As much as I love poetry, it hasn’t been easy reading a poetry book in a week and trying to review it. At times I’ve almost found the task overwhelming. Personally, I find it much easier to read and review a novel than a book of poems because there’s so much more involved in interpretating a poem.

At the moment, I’m considering reading a newly-purchased Wendell Berry book of poems or John Berryman’s The Dreamworks. I’m a little intimidated by the the Berryman book. Maybe that’s a lot intimidated. It may take me awhile to work up the courage to be publically humiliated again.

I’ll get started soon. I think.

Right now I’m thinking I need to use the computer to do my taxes in TurboTax.